It’s like the Super Bowl of Super Bowls posted 01.24.14

We asked a few creative and production friends and colleagues their favorite Super Bowl spots:



"It wasn't the first time Doritos ran the "Crash the Superbowl" contest, but it was the first consumer-generated ad to hit #1 on the USA Today's Superbowl ad meter - giving the guys that entered it a million dollar bonus! It's hilarious, simple, and well executed, which is something for every ad to aspire to, and all the more remarkable because it was made outside the ad biz." Rich Douek, copywriter




"Horses playing football.  What can I say...I like the surreal and unexpected!" Andi Arndt, audio narrator and producer, Andi Arndt 




"Oh man, I've got a few."




"...and Snickers. The Betty White ad. sheer greatness." Wes Webb, designer, Watermark Design




"Oreo Whisper Fight. Fire!" Jena Thielges, designer, Watermark Design




"It's my 'Citizien Kane' of commercials.  Right idea right time with a director coming off a string of iconic features with crazy-striking visuals. Hard to believe that was made in '83 sometimes." Joey Groah, writer/director/producer, DIGICO

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