It’s like the Super Bowl of Super Bowls posted 01.24.14

We asked a few creative and production friends and colleagues their favorite Super Bowl spots:



"It wasn't the first time Doritos ran the "Crash the Superbowl" contest, but it was the first consumer-generated ad to hit #1 on the USA Today's Superbowl ad meter - giving the guys that entered it a million dollar bonus! It's hilarious, simple, and well executed, which is something for every ad to aspire to, and all the more remarkable because it was made outside the ad biz." Rich Douek, copywriter




"Horses playing football.  What can I say...I like the surreal and unexpected!" Andi Arndt, audio narrator and producer, Andi Arndt 




"Oh man, I've got a few."




"...and Snickers. The Betty White ad. sheer greatness." Wes Webb, designer, Watermark Design




"Oreo Whisper Fight. Fire!" Jena Thielges, designer, Watermark Design




"It's my 'Citizien Kane' of commercials.  Right idea right time with a director coming off a string of iconic features with crazy-striking visuals. Hard to believe that was made in '83 sometimes." Joey Groah, writer/director/producer, DIGICO

Watching the “True Detective” posted 01.22.14

HBO's True Detective - Main Title Sequence from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.


Jeff (over IM) - 

True Detective Open......amazing.

Such a simple device.

Amazing footage.


Joey (over IM) -  

Write five more things so we can have a blog post.     


Jeff (over IM) -

Even as techniques and concepts become overused and abused, there are still occasional examples that shine through.  Antibody produced an amazing title sequence for HBO's new series "True Detective".  Using the familiar process of filling sillouettes with video and photography they created an amazing and moving piece that really captures the tone of the show.


Joey (over IM) -

Blog post!                  


Site relaunch posted 01.09.14

Thanks for checking out our site, or depending on when you're reading this, the newly updated DIGICO site.

A couple things to highlight: we've got video and design broken down into seperate categories, with some of the work that overlaps in each. We'll be updating with different projects as we go on both pages, and adding some production notes as we go.

You can find feeds to most of our other feeds on the new home page, Including @ShootPostDesign on Twitter, our Vimeo page with more project examples, the Facebook page, and the new DIGICO Instagram feed. You can interact with us over there too, we'd love to hear what you have to say.